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LED Lease & Finance
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What is the duration of a light contract?
The light contracts generally run for 5 to 10 years, but shorter contracts are possible. If you prefer to pay for the lighting system at once, you will still have the full extent of the warranties and services.
If we move, what will happen to our lighting contract?
Contact LED Lease for a customized solution.
I'm unsatisfied with the light. How does your service work?
The lamps will be replaced at no additional cost.
Could I just purchase the lamps?
Yes. When you buy, we include manufacturer's warranty and we can offer an interesting rebate (around 10%) due to a reduction in financing and service charges.
How can LED Lease guarantee the lifetime and performance for over 5 years?
LED Lease buys straight from manufacturers and controls the quality on behalf of its customers. This goes beyond certificates and warranties: it includes analysis of the documented lifetime expectancy and the heat management of components.
What's in the fine print?
Nothing. There is no fine print.
If LED Lease goes broke, who owns the lamps?
For the customer nothing changes. LED Lease or its legal successor has a contractual obligation to continue to guarantee operation of the system. If it fails to do so, the customer is entitled to cease all payments.
Is your question not in the FAQ?
Contact us.
About us
LED Lease is a Dutch company, founded in 2010. LED Lease has headquarters in Amsterdam and a purchasing office in Penang (Malaysia).

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of efficient lighting technology. We do this through our business model of offering light as a service. It reduces our customers' costs, improves the quality of their light, and lowers energy and raw materials use. Our goal is to avail the world of cleaner light while our customers reap the benefits.

LED Lease has a Dutch management team of experienced entrepreneurs with backgrounds in establishing an LED R&D and production organization in Malaysia, M&A and strategy consulting, financial services, leasing and outsourcing in Europe.

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