Dependable like the sun

Light, as a service

LED Lease supplies light as a service.
You buy light at a fixed yearly fee, without investing. The service includes new lamps,
electricity, replacement and maintenance. With light as a service,
you cut your cost by 15 to 40 percent from day one.

Light as a service

Cost analysis &
light plan

Within two weeks, you receive a light plan and a cost cutting analysis

Installation of
customized light

After a successful pilot project, LED Lease takes care of the investment and installation


You will never need maintenance from then on. You have a 'no cure no pay' warranty on the cost cuts

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Through a 'no cure, no pay' light subscription, LED Lease warrants the application of high-tech lighting to achieve minimum long-term costs and CO2 emissions for your organization.

You are not investing in LED lamps of uncertain durability, but you are assured top quality lighting without failure or maintenance. Only if the installation works as promised do you pay; the cost reductions are immediate.

  • Better lightExcellent lux values, diffusion and homogeneity
  • Cheaper light15 to 40 percent reduction in your cost of lighting
  • Cleaner light50 to 80 percent lower CO2 emissions
  • No concerns100 percent quality guarantee, and no more maintenance
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Recent projects

Oosterdok Parking, Amsterdam

LED Lease replaced 5.5 kilometers (3.5 miles) of linear lighting in this parking, owned by Rabo Vastgoedgroep. The 1200 fixtures are individually digitally controlled. The light level has doubled compared to the old situation, but when no-one is present it goes down to half its level or off altogether. With € 80,000 saved on a yearly basis, this investment is recouped within four years.

'The light lines look beautiful and smooth. As soon as the sensor detects someone's presence, it is as if the roof comes off and sunlight comes in.' Arthur Gal, parking manager Oosterdok

Frozen storage and dispatch Zandbergen

In the cold storage center at Zandbergen, an economical mix of integrated LED fixtures (IP66) with movement sensors was selected. It led to reduced heat development and energy loss. Another benefit: LED lighting doesn't need heat-up time like luminescent tubes, so all areas are always well lit.

'LED Lease goes beyond selling a set of fixtures. They have provided an all-in solution that helps us optimize the light distribution and our cost reductions. For example, we now use sensors to make sure the lights are on only when work is actually going on.' Adriaan Figee, Director, Zandbergen

Parkeer Beheer Roosendaal

In Roosendaal, South Netherlands, LED Lease fitted two parking garages with integrated LED fixtures. Biggelaar and Roselaar have 600 parking spaces combined. Along with four other candidates, LED Lease was vetted by technical consultant Grontmij. LED Lease came up as the best value for money.

'We considered the saving potential, but we also thought of this replacement as a chance to improve the homogeneity of the light. We feel very satisfied about the lighting in the two garages, and an independent assessment by consultancy Grontmij has now lent support to our feeling.' Martin Bartels, operational director, Parkeer Beheer Roosendaal

Bakker Logistics

At Bakker Logistics, LED Lease has taken on a 10-year responsibility for all the lighting on 70,000 square meters (750,000 sq ft) of storage and order picking halls. In a Light as a service agreement for 10 years, we warrant increased lighting levels and reduced electricity and maintenance costs.

Vonk & Vlam, Den Bosch municipality

On the site of the Vonk & Vlam monument, an underground parking garage was built for 1000 vehicles. It is to be the pride of the town. LED Lease designed the linear lighting fixtures in cooperation with Spindler installations. They throw asymmetric light and are custom-built for the electrical infrastructure of this - part underground, part underwater - garage.

'The use of smart fixing and plugging makes for a fast implementation, so installation cost is low. It really is plug & play.' Spindler installation team
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Vacature: Projectmanager verlichtinginstallaties & Binnendienst (full time)

LED Lease is een snel groeiende en creatieve organisatie welke opereert in een dynamische branche.

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LED Lease in practice
Saving on lighting will only work if the quality of light is preserved or even enhanced. That's why LED Lease works in close cooperation with its customers to deliver smart, state-of-the-art concepts in sustainable lighting.
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